Welcome Everyone, Glad to see you.

UCS University is a true Seminary which educates the right Theology, right faith and the right living.

It was built to hold out the example of the church of the New Testament. And it was also built to teach how the saved people live their lives. It was built for the Cross Movement (salvation ministry). It was built to make disciples.

Fellow students!

The will of the people and the world is variable, but God’s will is never changed.

UCS University is the cradle of the command movement, Which is built to tell unchanged God’s salvation, justice, love and the truth with clear sound to this world. The rapidly changing age requires the competitive theologian, so we will develop this seminary making University characteristics of the ministration and promote it to the competitive university to set up the customized training system that will produce the minister, the leader, and the preacher the church really asking for. We will positively support and prosecute it.

We will create a sound climate that theology understand exactly what the church need in the ministerial field ,and that the church listen carefully to the voice of the theology through the encounter of the theology and the church.

UCS University is a Professional education institution of theology where both “study” and “practice” is pursued, strengthening theoretical theology and emphasizing pastoral practice. The school is an open university of supporting local church and society not only seeking to become regional but also pursue in becoming global as a seminary world-oriented with the vision of world mission preparing furthermore. Most importantly,
here at UCS University, we emphasize on practical education.

Based on evangelical theology, UCS is the University of Christianity in which we foster the leaders of the church and that of each field of the society.

The promise of UCS University is that we cultivate the capable man world and ethnic needs through the education of pietistic discipline, informatization, globalism and specialization on the basis of evangelical theology.

We hope your dream realized to be a leading role in the 21st global age with UCS University accompanied by the open mind and the eternal flame.

The feature of education

  1. The evangelical university
    The UCS has Gospel. We establish the Christian values by means of Christian education and the training of faith fulfilled by experience in our daily lives. And we aim for the balance of faith and the personality of the faithful person and continue to keep our feet on the ground for the world evangelization.
  2. The hopeful university
    The UCS has hope. When the 21st century becomes globalization and information age, We raised up competent people combining practical learning and virtue, whom the community require, and built the implementation of the education of responsibility. We also cultivate future-oriented and society-needed person by systematic guidance and management throughout the student’s school life, religious life and social life.
  3. The characteristic university
    The UCS has characteristic. We raise up the new intellectual educated on thinking and logical to adjust globalization age and accomplish the specialized education making one connection of ethics of Christianity.

Educational Goal

Educational Philosophy: Truth, Spirituality, Practice UCS University on the basis of biblical worldview is the evangelically educational institutions to raise the Christian educator and the leader, following the model of truth of Jesus Christ, and to realize the devoted leadership balanced with learning, faith and practical affection which has educational philosophy of Truth, Spirituality, and Practice.

Educational purpose: whole-person education with practical knowledge on the biblical worldview. Based on the knowledge, the biblical worldview and the educational philosophy of Truth, Spirituality, and Practice.

UCS University is an education field fostering whole-person Christian leader to change human society and individual and raise the man with practical knowledge applicable to the society rapidly changed can contribute to the church and human society with study through the whole-person education.

Educational Goal

First, fostering whole-person spiritual man. We foster the spiritual person balanced faith and personality with reformed theology and experience of faith, changed into powerful witness and following Jesus Christ to live holy life for example of the church and the society.

Second, fostering practical intellectual. Through the creative and passionate study with practical teaching of knowledge and learning applicable to the changing society, we raise the intellectual people to serve the nation and human society.

Third, fostering progressive global man. to cope with 21st century global age, we raise the people improving the practical ability to be competitive, progressive, creative, and globalized toward the world.

Dear fellow students, we hope God’s love, grace and help to be with you on your decision and your will ,who are here with God’s calling and obedient mind of the vocation. We really appreciate it representing UCS University. We bless you in the name of Jesus that God receive your dedication and bless your newly leaving for the glory of God and for your life to be blessed.
We also hope all of you to endure to the end and to be a winner. Love you.